Saturday, May 24, 2008

♥ my first mmu (ellana minerals)

I was just 15 when i started using Mineral make up. From the very first time that i've known Mineral make-up i got so addicted to it. Lemme share to you my first MMU. So without too much knowledge about Mineral make ups i've tried those local brands, i even don't know that there were US brands or what so ever. Hmm. So i decided to try Ellana minerals because it was so cheap and i can buy it in just a single click. So, i tried their caramel latte, which is too dark for me. aghh. They even gave me free sample like blushes, finishing powders and a couple of foundations too. I like the coverage, but after weeks or should i say 4 days of trying Ellana, i got breakouts, pimples are started growing from my face, i got lots of rashes which there on lead to pimples. From there, i decided to stop and try other brands. I really like Ellana's coverage but too bad it didn't work for me. :(

caramel latte unfortunately not my shade, too dark
some samples :)

tested last january 2008.