Monday, December 22, 2008

all i want for christmas is YOU!

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Christmas Wishlist :)

I can feel the somber winds through my face. Its christmas time once again, time flies too fast.

My Christmas Wishlist

Everyone has their own wishes. Wishes that would come true someday of be fulfilled at the right time. But as for me, i never wished for "world peace" , its always in our hands, its a matter of choice. We can change on ourselves and to achieve it, we could work hard for it.
Wishes are for material things, cause how hard you believe about the things you wanted to happen, its just in your self, its a choice you should make. An action plan is needed for that to be fulfilled.

so, for my wish list, i'm just waiting for my "ninongs and ninangs" for me to get these things. nyahaha

1. A new pink ipod shuffle 4g although
i already have one ipod touch. its just too big
that i cant put it in my purse. :[]
php: around 2500-3000 lang

2. A new xoxo wallet. this small again.
cause i already have lots of the long checkbook
wallets. hehe. Php.675 lang naman to sa multiply,

3. Any Lumiere items, but i already
ordered from them, they're on sale! 35% OFF
i bought: 2 Foundations in 12g, 1 lumilips in holy grail
1 perfecting primer and 2 blush samples i guess?
thats all. TOTAL: 30$ but since theyre on sale
19.5$ na lang plus the shipping fee.

4. xoxo bag. i have one, but then again. its too big
i want something small.
php: around 1800 in multiply.

5. 10,000 lang na money, cash ha. pwede din
dollars $200.

I accept gifts from anyone. Friends, blog readers or even those persons i do not personally know.

You can always reach me through my ym: anne_nicole31

I personally accept gifts, i would be thankful for that. hehe
I accept donations. kidding

But, if you wanted to give me these things, just let me know. I would be pleased to accept whatever gift you have in mind.. thanks!!

Happy Holidays!!!

xxhugs :)) xx