Sunday, December 21, 2008

No time for blog?

Last Post Found: June?? yeah yeah, this only explains one thing. I had no time for some bloggy bloggy moments.

Choosing the nursing course is a very hard job. Its like you're locking yourself up into a box. And whats worse? A new curriculum and we need "EXTRA" - extra time for some subjects that we should have taken for 2nd year, extra - nerdy moments cause we all know that engaging to this course would stress you up, added to this - "ret dems" or simply return demos, we have to push ourselves to memorize, memorize and memorize.. Hoohh.. Imagine how hard it is? then all we have is 2 weeks break for Christmas Holidays?

Looking forward for summer? naahh.- this nursing course ruined our plans for summer, i would go to abudhabi sana, but hell! We still have our summer for nursing instead of having it for 5 years. hmhm. to all undergraduates out there if you still wish to have nursing as your course, better think twice, it no joke. You'll definitely have no time for your self. Think now before its too late. Tuitions for nursing is not a joke. haha. So if you thought you can't handle the course you wanted, its time for a BIG SWITCH. hahaha. Kidding.

Term 1:
Enrolling to a 28 unit class maybe hard for others, but as for me? hmm.. How i wish, again take note "Nursing" - so we have,
Chemistry - my favorite with my favorite teacher SIR EDU!!,
Algebra - grr!! i hate it .
Theoretical Foundation - a nursing subject which i havent learned even a piece? haha. But well- good Karma - i passed. LOL
Filione - i hate this as well, this is my lowest grade ever! damn! 2.50!!!
Comski1 - an enjoying subject with a nice teacher. All we have to do for an hour is to and read. haha..
PE - aerobics and taebo. funfun!
Reled11 - naahh.. this is hell. kidding! i hate religion? haha
NSTP - deployment? quite fun!

ahmm. what else did i miss? i forgot? haha

After receiving my term grade, i wasnt happy for it! I dont want to have a 2.50 grade! geesshh
but btw, my GPA is 1.86.

next term 2.? what would be my grade? nyahhahaha,.. its much harder!!
God help me. haha