Sunday, May 25, 2008

♥ blusche pre-order brushes

wow, after receiving my edm loot, another package was delivered to me. the interval was just 30 minutes. hahaha. super happy! that made my day! hehe.. here's the picture of my blusche brushes.

i love these brushes, super affordable and its synthetic
its worth it!

i got 4 free foundation samples :)

blusche brushes

♥ edm loot

my edm loot, i haven't try them. :) i got the try me kit, i paid 5.05$ for the shipping fee. :)

let me see. i got here
♥ golden medium intensive foundation
♥ medium beige neutral intensive foundation
♥ medium summer semi matte foundie
♥ soft touch blush
♥ multitasking concealer

all are still unused. it still has the sticker on the sifter.

♥ Joppa loot

It was April 23 when my friend camille and i planned to buy some stuff from Joppa, of course we have to split the shipping fee. I bought few e/s which i haven't try upto now and the 3.5$ kit. I've read reviews that joppa takes months to ship the minerals, but for me it just took 12 days. i had it shipped directly to my address in batangas. I'm so excited to try these e/s and foundie. I hope it will not cause pimples or any rashes to my sensitive skin.

i am so excited when i received this package!

here's all of it

blushes and e/s

super loot. :)

.my joppa collection.

♥ lumiere foundie my HG

I found out that lumiere was my HG when it comes to foundation. I'm light medium golden in VV or in Luminesse. I decided to buy the try me sample kit which costs 9$. hmhm. i'm still trying it first before buying FS foundie. :) i love lumiere, i''m addicted to it.

♥ no breakouts
♥ no pimples
♥ no rashes
fits to all skin types.


wee. i super ♥ lumiere.

bought last February 29, 2008

♥ babydoll, lumiere, e/s samples

i found something from GT (girltalk) she sells mineral make-ups cheaply. and here's what i purchased from her :) i bought this last february 10, 2008. i just posted it today because i just created a new blog today. :)

my MMU purchases. babydoll
lumiere, samples of e/s, concealer. etc.