Tuesday, December 23, 2008

what's for dinner?

Two days in the counting till Christmas. *excited?

Dinner Dinner. So what's for Dinner??

I terribly miss the smooth tangling essence of Starbucks frappuccino. Since i have no time for hang-outs , i've been out for a moment to have a splurge at Starbucks. hmhm. While at starbucks, i ate their banoffee pie with white chocolate mocha frap. and what's hotter? i got the stickers for the planner. yumyum!

then after an hour in the mall, i could not resist the need, i had to order again for take home. So i ordered Praline mocha. yipee. funfun. I had this for my dinner with crab sticks and rice plus meat. haha

frappucino anyone?


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