Tuesday, December 23, 2008

X.O.X.O madness

My latest addiction : bags-xoxo (hugs and kisses)
My sister had her photo shoot on my xoxo bags. Too bad shé's not a photographer material, all she had to do is to click -click - and click till its all set .

Early this morning,i found my sister OL in Yahoo messenger. So all we have to do is to have some chitchat cause she's living in abudhabi, and me, in our homeland - Philippines. nyahaha.

Here are some of the pixies taken by my lil sis.
MY XOXO BAGS, and other things my mom bought me. :))

My billabong Shirt.

my sister's wallet which is a clone of mine. nyahaha

a cute xoxo bag :)
another bag :))
i dont know if this is xoxo, but i guess. its mine.

billabong shorts

and my billabong backpack. My sister confesses that shes
using this already. boohoo.

Thats all for now. :))

i love my new things:))
thanks mom

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